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  • Welcome to Maanshan Tianli Machinery Co., Ltd.!

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      Maanshan Tianli machinery co., LTD. was established in June 2013, the company since its inception, has been adhering to the talent first, encourage to show ego for people at every level, excellence, constantly breakthroughs, self-confidence, self-reliance, respect individuality, trust each other, give full play to individual strengths, work together, everyone wholeheartedly, for the team, to provide customers with satisfaction and happiness.

      I. recruitment requirements, conditions and treatment

      Position: foreign trade specialist

      Job description: this position is located in new materials industrial park, bowang district, maanshan city, anhui province. 2. Responsible for product promotion of the network platform, participating in business negotiation and contract signing; 3. Responsible for the development and maintenance of new and old customers; 4. Responsible for market research and collecting and sorting out relevant business information; 5. Responsible for production tracking, goods export operation, payment tracking and after-sales service maintenance; 1. Bachelor degree or above in metallurgy and casting; 2. Cet-4 or above with good oral English; 3. Proficient in foreign trade business process, able to adapt to international business trips; 4. Relevant working experience in foreign trade foundry is preferred; Once hired, we will provide the following salary and welfare benefits: 1. 2. Work schedule: single vacation; 3. Year-end bonus: performance bonus at the end of each year; 4. Salary adjustment and promotion: at the beginning of each year, make job evaluation for each employee, and make corresponding salary adjustment; 5. Holiday benefits: traditional festivals such as Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn festival and Spring Festival;

      Position: purchasing manager/supervisor

      Job descriptions: 1. Responsible for purchasing daily work arrangements and procurement affairs coordination 2. Responsible for the purchase price and purchase orders for examination and approval of 3. Be responsible for the main material of the price negotiation and supplier data maintenance 4. The old supplier management and evaluation, to ensure its stable supply ability, pay attention to the key logistics market and analysis the company use the latest dynamic, to ensure the rationality of the purchase price 5. Annual and monthly purchasing budget for purchasing, and daily payment arrangements to ensure that the achievement of department targets for qualification: 1. Bachelor degree or above, familiar with computer software. 2. Financial knowledge, familiar with casting enterprise product process, equipment, materials and legal knowledge. 3. At least 5 years experience in production and supply management. Have a strong sense of dedication and responsibility, have the courage to take responsibility.

      Position: administrative specialist

      Responsibilities: 1. Responsible for organizing meeting minutes of relevant administrative meetings and writing internal and external administrative documents of the company; 2. Responsible for the management and lease of the staff dormitory and the daily management of utilities; 3. Followed up, organized and coordinated various meetings and activities of the company; 4. Responsible for the purchase, management, receipt, statistics and distribution of fixed assets and office supplies. 6. Responsible for the company's computer network construction, maintenance and management.

      College degree or above in Chinese, administration, etc. 2. At least 1 year working experience as hr assistant or administrative specialist. 3. Good writing and oral expression skills in both Chinese and English, good mandarin. 4, have a strong writing skills, familiar with the writing of each language. 5. Strong ability of observation, analysis and induction. 6. 7. Proficient in office software and office automation equipment.

      Ii. Workplace

      New material industrial park, bowang district, maanshan city, anhui province

      Iii. Welfare benefits

      Full attendance award, all-inclusive, all-inclusive, flexible work, five social insurance and one housing fund, free shuttle bus, performance bonus, meal supplement

      Contact information

      Telephone: 18255534233

      Recruitment email: cnmastl@163.com

    Maanshan Tianli Machinery Co., Ltd.



    con3.pngAddress: New Materials Industrial Park, Bowang District, Maanshan City, Anhui Province


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