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    Bo wang district adhere to innovation - driven to promote the development of high - tech industry Release time:2020-01-10     Time to browse

      In 2012, bo hope zone for new and high technology industries to resist economic downward pressure, adhere to the innovation-driven strategy, firm faith for independent innovation, from the transformation and upgrading, think big, starting from the research and development to create the effect of improving enterprise independent innovation ability and market strain capacity, promote the machine tool, grinding blade mould, hollow ball, high-grade kitchen utensils and appliances and other four categories of products transformation and upgrading and accelerating growth, preliminary realized strategic target of enterprise do best do bigger and stronger.

      I. relying on colleges and universities to implement the talent strategy. Anhui donghai machine tool manufacturing co., LTD. Through the implementation of "recruiting talents + cultivating elites" talent strategy, has broken the previous family management mode in bowang area, and gradually formed a modern management system and technology innovation team with the characteristics of the east China sea. The company has established industry-university-research cooperation relations with anhui university of technology, hefei university of technology, Shanghai university and other universities successively. With the help of external intelligence resources and its own efforts, the company has developed new products such as horizontal longeron wing shears and electro-hydraulic control eight-cylinder linkage bending machines. Horizontal longeron wing shears are the world's first special equipment for cold bending of automotive longeron, which can shear two vertical planes of automotive girder at one time, reducing the processing process and improving the production efficiency. Eight cylinder electro-hydraulic control linkage bending machine adopts self-developed nc electric hydraulic servo control with PID algorithm, a single pace group control multiple advanced technology such as hydraulic cylinder at the same time, achieve the eight cylinder linkage of two, is ideal for large tonnage super long sheet metal processing equipment, is the anhui province economic and information committee evaluation for new products at the provincial level in 2012. The annual output value of 275 million yuan, profit of about 20 million yuan, storage tax nearly 10 million yuan, created the enterprise in the face of adversity can still maintain the growth rate of more than 20% amazing results.

      Second, to achieve transformation and upgrading through independent innovation. Anhui federation mould industry co., LTD. Is the bo hope area distinctive enterprise, its mold and the correlation degree is high, the enterprises face the fierce competition in the traditional market, union mould company actively expand development space, seize the great opportunity of national equipment manufacturing industry to upgrade, increase the intensity of independent innovation, research and development expenses are kept at more than 7% per year, research and development of large precision v-shaped adjustable structure of bending die passed the provincial new products, filled the blank of domestic technology, successfully provide specialized, refined, sharp high-speed train manufacturing mould, China mould association awarded the "fine mould award" second prize. In 2012, the company also established a project team with Japan tiantian machine tool, and the development and development of high-end CNC bending machine mold has achieved key results. Independent innovation has enabled the enterprise to successfully stand out from the traditional low-end market and turn around magnificently, realizing an annual output value of nearly 50 million yuan and profits and taxes of nearly 6 million yuan, making it a "model" worthy of the name in bowang.

      Third, high and new products as the lead, to do bigger and stronger main industry. Since 2011, maanshan haitan heavy industry science and technology development co., LTD., taking the opportunity of winning the title of high-tech enterprise, has intensified the introduction of talents and independently developed a high-tech product -- large hollow grinding balls for medium-speed mill. Adopts the Haitian heavy industry company technique to production of large-scale hollow ball, solve the grinding ball is common in the industry from the core, wall thickness and the issue such as difference of roundness, realizing the light casting, the surface of fine at the same time, the product wear-resisting performance is strong, long service life, its technology has reached the advanced international and domestic leading level, product by jiangsu big tall group application to replace the imported similar products. The production of the enterprise business is therefore a huge success, 1150 large-scale hollow Ф grinding ball sales revenue increased by 80% compared with last year, the product is in shortage state, the main task for enterprises to further consolidate his position in the industry.

      Four, take the market demand as the guidance, achievement leapfrog development. Anhui hualing west kitchen equipment co., LTD. Is a typical enterprise based on blade mold production and successfully transformed and upgraded in bowang area. Since 2011, the enterprise invested 22.28 million yuan to develop potato peeling machine based on safety interlocking technology, and obtained two national invention patents and seven utility model patents. The potato peeling machine based on safety lock technology has received 1.2 million yuan free support from the national innovation fund for small and medium-sized enterprises of science and technology. This machine is mainly used for peeling potato, sweet potato and other tuber plants. It can also be used for cleaning shellfish and dehydrating vegetables by changing rotating parts. Products by optimizing the design inlet four-bar linkage mechanism, deformation discharging mouth linkage and stress adaptive machine interlock protection technology such as belt transmission mechanism, supplemented by electrical protection, waterproof IP protection, peel slag water separation, new technology, such as rotating parts is a collection of high security, easy to clean, easy to operate in the integration of potato peeling machine, now has passed CE, CB certification, etc. During the project implementation period, the machine realized sales revenue of 21 million yuan, net profit of 2.1 million yuan, tax revenue of 700,000 yuan and foreign exchange of 2.4 million yuan, jumping to the forefront of the city's private export enterprises.

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